8. Importing/exporting a project (author)

The export action allows obtaining the project edition material as it is in learningMaker, in order to save it to your computer.

This action is performed frequently to move projects from a learningMaker instance to another.


You should not confuse an export file with a publication.

A publication is the final and fully functional product, that is, it has an index.html page to run and display the content. In addition, when it is published, only the resources that are actually used –those that are linked to project components, are stored in zip.

An export file is a work package for editing, including the content and all resources that have been included in the "Resource" folder. The package obtained is not functional, it does not have an index.html page.

Exporting a project from learningMaker

Go to the "Home" tab of the project and click on "Export".

The zip file generated can be uploaded again to the tool, in this way we can continue editing it or, for example, it can be used in an external platform. 

Importing a project to learningMaker

  1. Select the folder where you want to import the project.
  2. Click on "From back up"  from the "Create" drop-down menu.
  3.  Locate the file in your computer and click on "Open".