5. My subscription (admin)

Go to "Administration" >> "My subscription".

In this section, the status of your subscription to the tool is displayed, that is,

  • Total number of users you can have and how many of them you have used ("Licenses").
  • The storage space used and the storage space available. If there is limited storage space, you can free up it by deleting projects or by emptying the recycle bin. (See section 7).
  • The number of projects created and how many you can create until the subscription ends.
  • List of the available templates. This list includes both the basic templates and the custom templates created for your corporation. Obsolete templates appear as "deprecated". By clicking on a functional template's name, its characteristics and properties are displayed. 
  • An Excel file can be obtained by clicking on "Download server report". It contains all this information (number of users, storage space used, number of projects), in addition to other data as number of pages and number of resources stored in learningMaker.