Creating an activity

In LMS Pack, activities are the smallest units of training. From the activities you create, the courses and sessions students have to pass will be created.

You will see the activities divided into Self-paced activities and Instructor-led activities. Each activity has an associated icon which identifies it and a description.

  1. Go to "Activities".
  2. Click on "Create activity".
  3. Depending on the content of the activity or the format you want to use, click on the button of creation associated.
  4. Complete the fields and click on "Create".

If you select the option "Assessable", you have to set the score parameters (maximum, minimum and pass score).

In SCORM/AICC/Tin Can activities, you have to upload a file of this type containing the activity or the assessment.

File and Exercise activities require the uploading of a file and/or the necessary description for the resolution of the activity.

Only user with "team manager" role can do Performance review activities.


File Size Limits

Monthly maximum bandwidth


File size upload limit Scorm / xAPI / AICC / Video / Library

 500 MB

Limit on upload size per Exercise / File10 MB

Disk size limit

 75 GB