FAQ: How do course reminders work? (admin)

There are two reminder types in LMS Pack: access reminders and start reminders, which are configurable for plans, courses and sessions. Both time period to send and time elapsed until a session starts, are configurable (on demand).

By sending access reminders, a student can be notified to remember they have a pending training since a week ago. Reminders will be sent once per week by default (every Monday) while students have not accessed the plan, course or session.

By sending start reminders a student can be notified that a training in which they are enrolled will start soon. Reminders will be sent once per week by default (every Monday) until two days before the plan, course or session starts.

Classroom, Webconference and External Webconference session types do not register access automatically, so access reminders cannot be set for them. Still start reminders can be set for these type of sessions.

A student enrolled in different courses having their reminders enabled, will receive a notification for each course. If the reminder is enabled only for the plan, the student will receive only reminders for the plan not for the courses including in that plan. 

In the case of a start reminder is enabled after a course has started, students will not receive any notification.

How to enable reminders

To enable reminders, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the plan, course or sessions of which you want to enable notifications.
  2. Click on "Edit details" to edit the training options.
  3. Go to "Reminders" section and select the checkbox you want to enable. The first one for access reminders and the second one for start reminders.             
  4. Once the reminders have been enabled, save by clicking on "Save changes".