7. Creating a book (author)

A book groups several projects under the same umbrella.

Following the printed book philosophy, we can group projects (or chapters) in the same book with a common cover. Moreover, the LMS platform navigation is sequential (after chapter 1 we access chapter 2).

To create a book:

  1. Click on "Create" and select "Book".
  2. Fiil in the creation form ("Book name" and "ISBN" are required fields) and click on "Create".
  3. Go to the book and click on "Add project".
  4. Browse learningMaker folders for adding projects to the book. To add them, click on "Add course". The book content order can be changed. 
  5. To set a project as the book cover, click on "Set as cover" from the "Options" drop-down menu.
  6. Finally, click on "Publish" to download the final product.

In addition, we can apply the same actions on a book as on projects and folders (publishing, renaming, deleting...). Also, a book can be converted to a folder ("Convert to folder") or a folder to a book ("Convert to book").