4.6 Reviewing and commenting a project

learningMaker allows two ways of reviewing projects:

  • Preview. It allows displaying a project as end users would watch it on their browser. To know how to preview a project, see section 4.5.
  • Revision mode. This option allows simulating how a content may be displayed on different devices. Also allows adding comments to facilitate a project review. 

Depending on your user profile, you can access one or two ways to display a project.

A Reviewer user can access the review mode by clicking directly on a project.

An Author or Administrator user can access the preview mode by default. To access the review mode, click on "Preview mode"─ a button next to "Show content". This option is available from both project details and edition panel.

Activating the review mode from project details

Activating the review mode from the edition panel

Once in the review mode, you can simulate the content display on different devices, also you can add comments to the project by activating "Show comments".

Depending on the characteristics of the template selected for a project, the content can be displayed on a device or another. In this way, there are templates that can be displayed on smartphones and others on tablets.