4.7 Configuring the language of a project

When creating a project, we select its default language (see section 4.1). The selected language sets the language of  the general browser menu of the template (name of the button panels, menus, forward and backward options...).

learningMaker also allows:

A project must be locked to perform any of these actions (see section 5.1).

Adding a new language to a project

To add a new language to a project in order to create a multi-language project, click on "+" (also the new language can be added by clicking on "Language" from "Properties" tab).

Select the source language and the target language. Click on "Add language(s)".

Remember that only browser options are translated into the new language. Once the new language has been added, go to the project edition menu, select the new language and access the project pages to translate manually all contents and texts.

learningMaker basic templates (Express, Multipágina, Basic and Video), allow creating multi-language projects.

Custom templates (templates customised for our clients) must be required on-demand to be applied to a project..

Deleting a language

Select the language tab and click on "Delete".

Modifying a language

Another language can be selected by clicking on the pencil icon assotiated with the language .