4.11 Project versions

Versions are project copies generated each time changes are performed and saved on a project, also when leaving the edition screen and when unlocking a project (see section 5.1).

The versions list shows the date and time when a version was generated, also the author, and the version type (a copy generated when saving the changes or a copy generated when unlocking a project).

learningMaker allows:

Tagging a version

The Tag option allows adding tags to a project version to identify it more easily.

This action only can be performed if a project is free or is locked by you.

  1. Go to the "Versions" tab in the project.
  2. Slice the mouse over "Options" column so that "Options" menu is displayed.
  3. Click on "Tag".
  4. Enter a name for the tag and click on "Create a tag".

Recovering a version

This action only can be performed if a project does not be locked by any user,

  1. Go to "Versions" in a project.
  2. Slide the mouse over "Options" column so that "Options" menu is displayed and click on "Restore version".
  3. A new version is displayed on the version list. The new version generated is a copy of the version that has been recovered.(See how the original version keeps its position─ date and time.). 

Versions are never deleted, they are always available and can be recovered while ensuring the security and integrity of the content.



A version can be tagged and restored from the project edition panel.

Go to the additonal options menu in the edition area and click on "Versions".

A version can be tagged by clicking on the pencil associated to it. If you want to create a copy of the selected version click on "Restore".